The Green Dispense

The Green Dispense is a company dedicated to marketing, export and distribution of Vegetables, Tropical Fruits and derivatives of Sugar Cane, located in western Colombia, a place that has become one of the major centers for organic farming of Vegetables, Tropical Fruits and where has a long tradition and culture rooted around the cultivation and processing of Sugar Cane and its derivatives.

Through partnerships with producers and processors not only in the region but throughout Colombia, we are in the ability to meet the demand for Vegetables, Tropical Fruits and derivatives of Sugar Cane for markets in North America and Europe with the highest quality standards according to the requirements of the world market and needs of our customers, therefore we redesign and continually adapt our strategies, working methods and products, considering the creativity and innovation in our products as the most important variables.

Our Vision

Consolidate as a leading supplier to the local and international market in the marketing of Vegetables, Tropical Fruits and derivatives of Sugar Cane with Premium products, reflecting our compromise with the quality of our products and services, caring for the environment and the development of our suppliers and workers.

Our Mision

Provide our local and international clients, the flavors of the Vegetables, the Fruits and crops of Sugar Cane of our land, through the marketing of organic products made with high quality standards, taking care in every process the welfare of our land and those who cultivate it, respecting their roots and culture.

Our Values

Environmental and Social Responsibility: To promote a culture of clean processes that impact positively on the environment. We provide training and monitoring to improve living standards and growth opportunities of our employees.

Trust: We conduct our business following clear procedures and in an ethical form oriented to satisfying the requirements of our customers.

Commitment: Our goal is to market goods and high quality services focused on preserving the environment and customer satisfaction, meeting the quality standards to ensure our products.

Honesty: We execute our business with transparency respecting and abiding the rules and laws, delivering a certified product for your well being and consumption

Our Commitment

Provide our customers organic products harvested with environmental responsibility to generate physical and emotional well-being and support the sustainability planet. We strive to continuously improve our products and services to provide our customers with a best shopping experience while working with out strengths and building the confidence in our brands.